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How can I be assured that this is not a scam?

We have to admit this is the most frequently asked question. To be brutally honest with you, there is absolutely no way to establish our legitimacy. We perfectly understand the skepticism you might have about sending money for some virtual good, and also the anxiety involved after sending the money and having absolutely no control over your purchase thereafter. We would therefore like to offer you a suggestion to purchase in smaller amounts for a start. You might have doubts in the very beginning. But you will trust us for life after the first transaction.

What payment methods are available?

Almost any payment method is accepted.


  • Cryptocurrency(BTC, ETH, LTC etc.)
  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Skrill
  • Netteller
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • etc.
Will my game account get banned / disabled?

You run the risk of getting your game account banned / disabled if you purchase chips from 3rd party sellers like us. We always take extra precaution when we deliver your chips so as to avoid these unfortunate incidents.Though not 100% foolproof, our safe and responsible delivery methods will minimize the risk of your accounts getting banned. Please note, we will not be held responsible for any banned / disabled accounts or any loss of your order AFTER the order has been delivered to you.

Who are we?

Our service began it’s activity in 2009 and in a few years we have succeeded in becoming the biggest suppliers for Facebook Poker Chips and most reliable and cheapest seller worldwide. We are online 24/7/365. We are a team of professional gamers who love social gaming applications.


We have thousands of satisfied customers and have successfully delivered tens of thousands of orders. Our team of dedicated staff scours the internet everyday to ensure our prices remain the LOWEST in the market. Our philosophy is to always provide you with the highest amount of chips for your money.

How long does the transfer process take?

It all depends on the amount of chips that you have bought. For small amounts it can take up to 20 minutes. For bigger amounts it can take up to 60 minutes.